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Freelance Full-Stack Developer Remote Job Romania
symfony2 r php javascript symfony machine learning Jun 25

Client description

Our client develops digital web and mobile solutions to help people manage their careers in a changing world. Career guidance, career management, recruitment, we integrate artificial intelligence to help people focus on their core business.

Created in 2018, our client already has about thirty clients and 2 offices (Lisbon and Paris).

We are looking for a Freelance Full-Stack Developer to join a growing technical team with great challenges :

  • You will be in charge of imagining and developing innovative back and frontend tools. In direct relation with the CTO and the development team, you will be involved in extremely varied projects where you will be able to be completely autonomous
  • You will benefit from a great deal of autonomy and your initiative will be encouraged
  • You will be able to participate in the development of a SaaS product with high added value in the rapidly growing field of human resources at national and international level
  • You will have a strong, concrete and immediate impact on our activity and will complete complete complete projects, even in short times
  • You will be at the heart of our client’s product development, with regular customer feedback and working with agile methods

Technical stack :

  • PHP (Good mastery expected)
  • Framework MVC Symfony (2.8 / 3.4) (Good mastery expected)
  • TWIG
  • SQL
  • CSS / HTML
  • Javascript/jQuery
  • BONUS : Automation tools such as Sass & Less / Node.js

Competencies: Freelance Full-Stack Developer

  • Know programming concepts
  • Analyze a need and model a computer application
  • Understand project constraints (deadlines, expectations)
  • Solve problems (origin, patches, putting patches online)
  • Be creative and imaginative to find new solutions and innovate
  • Have a good general computer literacy
  • Agile methods
  • Fluency in English (professional)
  • Good knowledge of testing tools and methodology: code, responsive features, rendering on different engines (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE, Opera…)
  • API (REST)
  • Manage versions (git)
  • UX sensitivity and knowledge of Design Patterns
  • Provide customer support

Soft Skills :

  • Autonomy
  • Creativity, sense of innovation
  • Adaptability and Flexibility
  • Analysis and synthesis capacity
  • Team spirit / sense of community
  • Project Management

R&D :

As far as R&D is concerned, you will have the opportunity to be a real player in our client’s innovation, whether on subjects already considered internally (i.e. data, machine learning, bots, etc.) or on cases on which you will be able to make proposals, you will have the opportunity to be a real player in the innovation carried out by our client.

Our client is a profitable company, with a recognized product on the HR Tech market and many customers thanks to its SaaS solutions

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This Year

Developpeur Full-Stack JavaScript en Remote
react-js javascript postgresql node-js mysql Apr 27

Description de la mission

Notre client est l’éditeur d’ une base de donnée mondiale, communautaire dédiée à la spéléologie et alimentée par les spéléologues sur le principe du Wiki. Toute cavité naturelle présentant un intérêt aux yeux des spéléologues  peut y être enregistrée. Cette base de données ou plateforme collaborative est disponible via un site qui a pour but de favoriser le développement de la spéléologie dans le monde, notamment par l’Internet collaboratif. Il est actuellement à la recherche d’un Développeur Full-Stack JavaScript.

Présentation de la mission

Dans le cadre de la maintenance évolutive de leur site/plateforme, notre client est à la recherche d’un Développeur Full-Stack JavaScript (React/ Node js) pour:

  • Développer un module d’authentification et d’édition de contenu (5 pages à créer)
  • Migrer de la base de MySQL à PostgreSQL,
  • Mettre à jour ElasticSearch, Logstach et routes des APIs.

La mission est proposée en Full-Remote.

Profil Recherché: Développeur Full-Stack JavaScript

  • Minimum 3 années d’expériences sur ReactNode et PostGreSQL;
  • Bonnes connaissances de MySQL et PostGreSQL;
  • Bonne maîtrise de ElasticSearchLogstach et API Rest.
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Developpeur Python C/C++ | Mission Remote
c python cpp Apr 26

Présentation de l’entreprise

Notre client est un fournisseur leader de technologies et de services IoT économes en énergie, offrant des solutions évolutives pour l’hôtellerie, l’industrie et plus encore.Forte de 20 ans d’expérience en développement de logiciels et de matériel, notre client a créé l’une des solutions d’économie d’énergie les plus avancées du marché. Aujourd’hui, il propose des services intelligents et innovants à des dizaines de clients dans le monde. Notre client a construit ses solutions en étroite collaboration avec sa clientèle potentielle et comprenons leurs attentes.

La plateforme d’intégration évolutive IoT de notre client  est compatible avec toutes les technologies du marché. En utilisant aucun protocole de communication propriétaire,elle assure le contrôle de tous les types de CVC, d’éclairage, de moteurs de rideaux, de serrures de porte et plus encore.L’apprentissage automatique S&C offre une optimisation unique pour chaque unité de votre propriété, basée sur les données collectées et une analyse. Les mesures correctives personnalisées sont prises automatiquement, maximisant les coûts économisés.

Description de la mission

Dans le cadre de leur développement, notre client est en train de monter une nouvelle équipe de développement en France. C’est en ce qu’il est à la recherche d’un Développeur Python – C/C++ spécialisé IoT en France pour:

  • Travailler avec les Chefs de Produit/Projet pour aider à spécifier les besoins métier
  • Développer des outils de tests et de validations en Python
  • Contribuer à l’amélioration des performance de la plateforme
  • Participer aux choix stratégiques du projet

La durée de la mission est estimée à 6 mois renouvelables réalisable en Remote, mais avec des réunions sur site une fois/ semaine dans la région niçoise.

Profil recherché

  • Développeur Python – C/C++ embarqué
  • Au minimum 4  années d’expérience sur des projets identiques
  • Autonome et proactif
  • Disponible ASAP

  • Très bonne connaissance de l’anglais
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Lead Back-End Developer NodeJS Full-Time Job, Remote Available
node-js mongodb aws react-js docker backend Mar 17

Client description

Our client develops an app that facilitates the daily life of construction professionals: architects, builders. The World goal: promote responsible and ecologically sustainable constructions this is why he is looking for a Lead Back-End Developer.

Job Description

Note: This job offer is in English but off course it’s open to French people.

Quick intro:

The app is revolutionary, it helps construction professionals to manage their projects in real-time: architects, builders, building owners.

What is problematic?

The industry is not well digitalized, and people waste hundreds of hours per month and can’t focus well on their mission. Many clients references as Eiffage and famous SMEs of the industry. Our client just had a funding round and plan to develop the business in Europe at the end of 2020.

Technically, how he does that?

Thanks to a web, mobile and desktop app built with ReactJSNodeJSElectronMongoDBDockerAWS (+ with a lot of documentation & tests).

Core mission

Promote responsible and ecological constructions while removing tensions and omnipresence of administrative work for construction professionals (big subject, today people from the industry are not focused on the heart of their values and work).

Why you’d like to join our client’s team

Advantages of being a Lead Back-End Developer for our client:

  • They will be a small team in June (10 people, 5 developers)working hard, playing hard. 10 more people will join our client at the end of the year.
  • They love learning from others and surround themselves with multidisciplinary people. They also allow people to make periodic freelances missions for outside projects to gain more skills.
  • They have a big network of CTOs of the biggest European startups. They like to learn about their best practices.
  • They can give you a laptop and a comfy apartment in Paris in 2 weeks for a cheap price, 10 minutes away from your work.
  • They have many perks for their team (sports, hobbies, formations)
  • They are big enthusiasts about the impact of the architecture, urbanism and construction industry in the world (ecologically, socially, economically) and how the digital industry can help the professionals to have a much better role in it.

Your mission as a Lead Back-End Developer:

Starting in April / May / June 2020:

  • Enhance the NodeJS back-end features of the app and structure the first back-end team. If you like simple DevOps, they have many tasks in this field too.

List of future challenges:

  • Manage a junior back-end developer
  • Include a real-time chat with advanced features
  • Translate the app in many languages
  • Migrate to TypeScript (or another JS typing tool)
  • Add smarter transactional emails service
  • Synchronize the app with external APIs, set a viable long-term architecture for this
  • Allow the users to synchronize the app data with external Cloud platforms (Google Drive, Dropbox, office 365) and databases

Preferred Experience


  • You have a lot of ambitions in tech and you’d like to find a good company to catalyze this ambition (real ambition, not just having good teammates & learning edge libraries).
  • Autonomousrigorouscomfy with complex architectures, preferring simple micro-services instead of re-inventing the wheel
  • Strong will to push a company from early-stage to world development.


  • You are very comfy with NodeJS / MongoDB / APIs. You master deep details of the language/libraries (without being an absolute expert).

The +:

  • 3+ years working for startups
  • DevOps and CI knowledge (AWS, Netlify, Linux, Serverless)
  • Sensibility for architecture and construction
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Freelance Full-Stack Developer PHP & JavaScript
php javascript laravel node-js react-js css Mar 11

Company Description

Our client is active in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, UK, USA, New Zealand and Australia and is growing fast. In the coming months he wants to continue to expand and therefore we are looking for a Freelance Full-Stack Developer.

Job Description

As a Freelance Full-Stack Developer with FORTEL you will have a high level of responsibility to ensure the further advancement of the company. You will be co-responsible for the further development and design of ourbasic applications, within a set framework. Additionally, you will be expected to assist with the daily operations involved in the implementation of our campaigns. The job will be a mix of frontend and
backend work

Must-haves as a Freelance Full-Stack Developer:

  • Good English skills;
  • In the past 2-3 years you have gained a lot of experience with OOP, MVC, Git, PHP 5/7 and
    implementing and creating of RESTfull API’s;
  • You are specialized in Laravel 5 and you have a clear preference for it with at least 1 year of experience;
  • Ability to translate designs into HTML5 using CSS3, Javascript and/or React/jQuery;
  • UnitTest or Selenium Browser testing experience;
  • Working on Docker environment and have good extensive understanding of Docker. Will be an
    advantage if the candidate has built its own environment over Docker;
  • Extensive use of MySQL query and should have an understanding of writing a complex query to improve
  • CLI (command-line interface) experience;
  • Comfortable using commands in a Linux environment.

Nice to have as a Freelance Full-Stack Developer:

  • Experience with Node and NPM.
  • Know how to work with CSS extensions languages like Sass or Less.

Our client is a specialist within the field of lead generation and affiliate marketing so if you have experience in these fields, it would be great.

  • Software engineering as your academic background would be perfect
  • Our client’s applications will be deployed on AWS instances. Not a deal-breaker, but knowledge in management
    of e.g. EC2, S3, RDS, Elasticache would be appreciated
  • Knowledge around DNS, Certbot are appreciated
  • Experiences with Atlassian/Bitbucket and Agile/Scrum are welcome as well
  • Deployment is one of our key tasks – experience with Jenkins is highly preferable

                        This is a Remote Project open to freelancers all-over in Europe.

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Full-Stack Developer, Remote & Freelance Project
php javascript wordpress html css sysadmin Mar 03

Is freelancing your modus operandi? We have a great project for a Full-Stack Developer (PHP/JavaScript).

Company overview:

Our client is a French start-up company built-in 2014 by two engineers who were schoolmates before becoming business partners. Their business plan is simple and ambitious: create a range of t-shirts that can help people learn how to stand up straight, in order to relieve and prevent back pain.

Project requirements:

Our client needs a freelance Full-Stack Developer (PHP/JavaScript) for optimisation and evolutive maintenance project. The working schedule is flexible, with a part-time job (2-3 days/week) requiring the freelance developer’s intervention on the company’s e-commerce website. Fluent in English is required. 

Among your responsibilities:

  • HTML/CSS integration on the WordPress CMS, based on mock-ups from the design team;
  • CSS classes refactoring to ensure SEO optimisation of the website;
  • Installation and implementation of different modules;
  • Back-office customisation & custom plugin development;
  • Implementation of graphic animations.

Freelance profile required:

  • A Full-Stack developer (PHP/JavaScript) with at least 5 completed projects as an Integrator/Front-End Developer;
  • WordPress expert knowledge;
  • Experience in HTML/CSS, JavaScript;
  • Back-End knowledge: PHP5, Git;
  • Experience with animation: Scrolling animation, SVG, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, Canvas;
  • A technical, yet creative person, passionate about innovation (Ergonomics, Animations).

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