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Lead Software Engineer at Fintech
java apache-kafka kubernetes javascript docker aws May 01

Elinvarenables asset & wealth managers to digitalize their business models by providing the required Platform as a Service. This includes applications for core processes as well as third party connections. Our partnersand customers like the Fondsdepotbank, Donner &ReuschelAG, and M.M. Warburg & Co.profit from the combination of leading technology and the optimal regulatory setup as we hold all necessaryBaFinlicenses. With this comprehensive approach, we create the unique opportunity for our partners to go digital in one step and to utilize state-of-the-art analytics to create individualized solutions to the benefit of their clients.

About the technical stack: The platform consists of dozens of microservices which are mainly based on Java 11 (Spring) and Node.js. Backend services communicate through Kafka. The backend communicates with frontend through Rest API. Data is stored in Postgres. Services run in Docker containers on three AWS data centers in high availability mode, managed by Kubernetes. The frontend is based on React. We use GitLab for source control and continuous integration. Our development process is based on Scrum with 2-week sprints.

Sounds interesting? We’re now looking for a Lead Software Engineer (m/f/div) to join our team at Elinvar.

What will keep you challenged?

  • Lead and grow an interdisciplinary team of 4-8 engineers
  • Conduct 1:1s, providing mentorship and feedback of current team members, making sure they have what they need to be successful
  • Plan and direct and participate in activities of your engineering squad to meet schedules and standards
  • Cultivate and reinforce appropriate team values, norms and behaviors
  • Identify and analyze problems, plans, tasks, and solutions
  • Provide guidance on team and individual development, performance, and productivity issues
  • Plan and prioritize daily tasks of the team, using judgement on a variety of problems requiring deviation from standard practices

What are we looking for?

  • A minimum of 2 years’ experience in team leadership
  • In-depth, proven software engineering background for several years
  • Broad technology experience (with focus on either modern JavaScript or Java) and ability to understand complex software platforms
  • You are highly reliable, structured and analytical with the ability to solve problems in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment
  • A partly hands-on leader: You have a people management mindset, but are also known as someone who can roll up their sleeves to execute
  • Acting as a role model and motivating people in a collaborative environment
  • Excellent communication skills in English, verbal and written

What will keep you happy?

  • An outstanding, highly motivated and international teamthatvalues a positive and open working environment- and a group of people who genuinelyappreciateand supporteach other
  • An inspiring momentumtoreshapethe wealth management industry by replacing legacy IT with a modern, sustainable ITplatform
  • Everything you need to excel in your profession,backed by some of the world’s most recognizedinvestors
  • Enjoy an open corporate culturewithout dress code, with flexible working hoursand remote officeoptions
  • Beautiful loft-style office,situated in bustlingPrenzlbergjust a few minutes fromAlexanderplatz – a lunch and afterwork Dorado at yourdoorsteps
  • An employerthatwelcomes diversityand actively promotes equal opportunities on every level
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Software Engineer | Data Processing | Big Data | 100% Remote
python apache-kafka elasticsearch stream-processing api big data Apr 28

What You’ll Do

  • Architecture design, API design, data modeling.
  • Stream data processing and distributed systems.
  • Code standards, code reviews, technical planning/research, testing/QA.
  • Investigate and resolve bugs/customer issues.
  • Assist in scoping, estimating, and planning of projects.

Who We’re Looking For

  • You’ve got 5 years of experience with: AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Elasticsearch, Go, gRPC/Protobuf, Kafka, Microservices, MongoDB, Python
  • You have high accountability and ownership of your work.
  • You have a bias towards action. You love to move fast, are self motivated, and a life-long learner.
  • You care about working on fast-growing products while iterating and sweating the details.
  • You’re willing to do whatever it takes, even if this means working outside of your role (backend help frontend, frontend, handle customer support, etc).
  • You’re able to effectively balance speed/quality/tech debt and make engineering decisions that enable speed and quality results.
  • You’re a product thinker who cares about the customer.
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Senior Site Reliability Engineer
go aws apache-kafka kubernetes hashicorp senior Apr 27

Important note before applying :

We're a young company iterating over our remote culture so for now, we're only working with people in locations where the time zone is:

-2 hour > Paris time zone < +2 hour

Heetch is a ride-sharing platform powering thousands of rides everyday in France, Belgium and multiple countries in Africa. We provide a mobility solution allowing people to move around the city in an affordable yet reliable way by turning a moment as simple as a ride into an unexpectedly positive experience. Founded in 2013 with headquarters in Paris, Heetch has completed its series B funding in order to accelerate its international growth and build the future of mobility. With more than 5 million users, we are proud to be one of the fastest growing startups coming out of France. Come work with us and find out what you can do!

SRE Team @Heetch

Our infrastructure receives millions of events per day and processes millions of API requests. We also serve tens of thousands of rides daily.

By joining the team, you'll be helping build its technical vision and creating the best platform to run our services at scale. You'll be joining a team collaborating with all the rest of the development organisation.

We work day-to-day on automation in order to ensure reliability, scalability and velocity at Heetch.

Our infrastructure is growing on a daily basis, with more than 160 micro services owned by 16 different teams and counting. One of our challenges is to provide help (design consulting, capacity planning, incident management, service development, monitoring, etc.) to other teams in order to spread common and best practices. We also develop, put in production and maintain services in order to ensure a maximum of independence and ownership to other teams.

Some technologies we use

  • Go, Git, Terraform, Drone
  • AWS (EC2, Postgress RDS,ElastiCache …)
  • Kubernetes, EKS
  • Mesos/Marathon/Zookeeper
  • Event Based architecture: Kafka, RabbitMQ
  • Geographic information systems: OSRM, Tile38
  • Micrsoservice Architecture Golang
  • Dataiku pipelines and IA.
  • Apache Atlas
  • Datadog, Sentry, PageDuty

Our team's values

  • Move smart: We are data-driven, and use tools and standards to ship code quickly and safely (continuous integration, code review, automated testing, etc.);
  • Distribute knowledge: We want to scale our team to a point where our contributions do not stop at the company code base. We believe in the Open Source culture and communication with the outside world;
  • Unity makes strength: Moving people from A to B is not as easy as it sounds but we always keep calm and support each other;
  • Always improve: We value personal progress and want you to look back proudly at what you've done;
  • Ship small but often: We consistently deliver value to other developers to avoid building up frustration caused by a long development cycle;
  • Automate all the things: We think that most maintenance and manual actions can be automated to reduce friction, mistakes and it offers a better scaling of the delivery pipeline;
  • Strong ownership: Our team has a broad scope of responsibilities and internal customers whom we serve to the best of our ability.

Does it sound like you?

  • You love supporting other teams by being involved in all the lifecycle of the service (design, deployment, operations and evolution);
  • You think that automation is a big part in the scaling of a platform;
  • You know when you need to be pushy about changes;
  • You like understanding incidents by going through a blameless postmortem process.
  • You have a strong expertise in Go (or are willing to learn it), Hashicorp tools and AWS;
  • You have an experience with a container orchestrator (Kubernetes, Mesos, etc...);
  • You think that giving ownership to your mate is the best way to increase velocity inside a company.
  • You have a can do attitude. You won’t find reasons why something can’t be done, but instead find ways how it can be done.

What will you do?

  • Create and maintain services to ensure velocity and ownership of your team mates;
  • Provide high standards and share knowledge with the rest of the organisation;
  • Automate the hard work;
  • Help other teams achieving their goals (eg. Be able to handle X calls per seconds);
  • Design and troubleshoot distributed systems;
  • Design SLI, SLO with other teams and monitor the platform;
  • Participate in an on-call rotation and contribute to necessary escalations.

Studies have shown that women are less likely to apply to roles in Tech, which is why we strongly encourage you to apply even if you don't feel you match 100% of the job specifications!

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Senior Software Engineer
scala postgresql node-js typescript apache-kafka senior Apr 26

Want to work on our core domain? Help us make our system reactive and event-driven with Kafka? Scale our system to support our Fortune 500 customers? Join our team!

Our software engineers are at the forefront of how customers interact with C2FO. Working with our product team, we create applications for both internal and external customers. Our philosophy: short iterations with a focus on scalability while ensuring maintainability.

What you’ll do

  • Take ownership of technical designs and key areas of the system.
  • Work with our Product Managers to break down project details and ensure requirements are complete.
  • Develop and ship code to complete impactful projects.
  • Give and receive feedback on your team’s code on GitHub.
  • Mentor, pair with, and support the growth of other engineers.
  • Apply good coding practices to ensure our code base is readable, secure, and scalable.
  • Improve our documentation and document design decisions and rationale.
  • Collaborate with others across the company, including Product, DevOps, and operational stakeholders.

What you’ll need

  • Passionate about solving problems for a fast-paced FinTech company
  • Concerned with the success of their teammates as well as themself
  • Respectful towards teammates regardless of their abilities
  • Able to work in a highly collaborative software development environment
  • Willing to debate, obtain, and move forward with the best solution
  • Always digging deeper to understand the problem space and the 'why' of your work.
  • Passionate about testing, code quality, and continuous integration
  • Vigilant in identifying tech debt and always improving how we do things
  • Persistent in the face of roadblocks; dispatches them efficiently, pulling in others as necessary.
  • Comfortable with source control, especially git
  • Self-motivated developer who can work independently
  • Bachelor's or higher degree or its equivalent is normally the minimum entry requirement for the position
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in the job offered or in a related position
  • Proficient communication in English both written and verbal

We'd be particularly delighted to hire someone who has experience with:

  • Scala, Java, Kotlin
  • Apache Kafka, Kafka Streams, Akka, Akka Streams
  • Node.js, TypeScript, Javascript
  • Relational database (PostgreSQL)
  • RESTful or GraphQL APIs
  • AWS or GCP
  • Docker and Kubernetes
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This Year

Full-stack Java Developer
java api grafana unirest apache-kafka c Mar 21

String c = "Candidate"

String g = "Globe"

c: Who are you?

g: Globe Testing ( is a services organization specialised in SecDevOps, with a clear focus on Software Testing. But I'm not here to tell you about Globe, I'm here because I have a vision, and I want you to make it yours, improve it, and be part of it.

Globe Testing was founded 10 years ago, and since then we have worked on many software development projects for a wide array of customers spanning across multiple verticals; do you know what many of them had in common? a painful start. Setting up tools, processes and best practices was always required, and everytime involved a lot of meetings and questions about "why do you use this or that?"

To ease that pain, at Globe we started developing our own framework, using some of the most common tools / framework / libraries in Software Testing such as Gherkin, Selenium, Jira/Xray, UniRest, GraphQL... The result was something extremely useful for many of our customers and our team, something that added value to Globe and our projects.

You might be wondering... why do you need me?

c: Why do you need me?

g: Well... I need you because we have created something useful, that customers are willing to pay for, and our testers enjoy using, but it is very far from being a product. I need you to make the following vision a reality, and create a product called "artiko" (

FOR those testers
WHO are trying to accelerate, standardise and provide visibility over their testing activities
artiko IS A framework
THAT supports testers during functional, performance, security and operation activities
UNLIKE other popular frameworks that support only one part of the SDLC
OUR PRODUCT embraces existing tools, libraries and frameworks supporting true SecDevOps.

c: How will achieve all these madness?

g: You will work hand in hand with our CTO and our customers.
You will start by hiring a development team (5 people), and will be free to choose how you want to shape it.
You will be splitting your time amongst two fronts:

  1. Support our existing customers on their day to day requests and roadmap. Some of our current "users" are extremely big (top retailer in Spain and top 3 worldwide, largest food manufacturer worldwide...). They have certain needs that are only applicable to them (for instance, because they have their own development frameworks). You will lead the team to create feature for our customers, and reuse whatever code you can to improve the general artiko framework (see number 2)

  2. Create the new version of artiko. We want to realize the product vision mentioned before, and make it available to others as an open source project. This in turn will create other means of revenue for Globe.

You will mainly develop in JAVA, as our current customers use JAVA. You will be free to choose pretty much anything else about the architecture, as long as you convince our CTO ;)

Currently the framework is based on TestNG, Selenium, Cucumber, Appium and Unirest. We also use Kafka, Influx and Grafana, but as mentioned before, you will be free to choose better alternatives.

You will shape your days as you wish, it is your team after all. Generally speaking, Globe is an agile company with daily meetings happening on all departments, most of us work remotely (even before the pandemic), although we have offices in Vitoria and Coruña.

c: Supose I join Globe, can I grow with the company?

g: The potential for growth is huge, as you are the first person joining the development division of Globe. You will work hand in hand with the CTO (product vision), COO (to coordinate customer requirements) and CEO (for all financial, sales and marketing activities).

But fear not! we understand you are new to this role, so are we. We will learn together how to shape and take to market an open source framework, while supporting our existing customers and the rest of the testing teams.

c: OK, I love the idea. What do skills I must have?

g: In our opinion, you must have the following skills; feel free to apply even if you don't have them, as long as after reading the previous description you think we are wrong and we need other skills you posses and are able to convince us ;)

  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience with full-stack app development
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Solid communication skills
  • Long term product vision
  • Previous experience in developing and designing API’s
  • Previous experience with microservice-based architecture
  • Previous experience with container technologies (Docker and Kubernetes)
  • DevOps experience
  • Experience with event streaming (Kafka)

If you also have any of the following skills, you'll be a top candidate for sure:

  • Software testing expecience (as an SDET, or working hand in hand with an SDET)
  • SecDevOps experience, specially on the synthetic software monitorization and application security side of things

c: Yeah! I'm excited and I really wnat to apply. Anything else I should know?

g: We are a diverse team of professionals, 90% of the company is made of highly skilled testers working mainly on performance and test automation projects. The leadership and funding team is composed of three IT engineers that had a vision ten years ago and decided to stop complaining about their employers and start their own company. We are young, fun, diverse and open. If you think you have something to add to our company culture, please apply to this position!

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Senior Full Stack Software Developer at UKG
dot net cs mongodb rabbitmq apache-kafka full stack Mar 20

UKG is looking to hire a Senior Full Stack Software Developer to join our extremely talented Product Development team. As one of our Senior Software Engineers, you will be part of our continued improvement and growth of our HR and Benefits Software Solution.
As a Senior Full Stack Software Engineer at UKG, you’ll be embedded on a development team where you can work on the next generation of internet software. You’ll get to work directly with other Developers, Software Testers, Business Analysts, Product Managers, and Directors, all of whom make up the team. In this highly-collaborative environment, you will have the opportunity to grow as an engineer, and even help mentor others.
We are looking for a Software Engineer who is passionate about programming, quality, and truly enjoys what they do. Are you an innovative thinker with a can-do attitude? If so, apply today!

Primary/Essential Duties and Key Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with members of the team to solve challenging engineering tasks on time and with high quality.
  • Engage in daily code reviews and training of team members.
  • Support continuous deployment pipeline code.
  • Situationally troubleshoot production issues alongside the support team.
  • Build and integrate features for our enterprise software solution using the latest .Net, Angular, SQL Server, and MongoDB technologies. Familiarity with Golang is a significant plus!
  • Work productively in a devops environment using Docker, Concourse, and GCP
  • Actively communicate with team members to clarify requirements and overcome obstacles to meet the team goals.

Required Qualifications: 

  • 5-7 or more years’ experience as a key developer on enterprise projects
  • Software development experience including: OOP, concurrency programming, design patterns, RESTful service implementation, Service Oriented Architecture, Test-Driven Development, Acceptance Testing.
  • Experience using and building tools to automate the deployment of an enterprise software solution to the cloud
  • Strong object-oriented design experience
  • Knowledge of design patterns and their implementation
  • Multi-tier application design and development
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • C#, .Net Core, .Net Frawork
  • AngularJS
  • Kafka, RabbitMQ, or similar eventing platform
  • MongoDB or other NoSQL database

Check out how we give our employees the chance to work on whatever project they want for 48 hours!  

Typical Interview Process:

  • If your application is selected, a Talent Acquisition Team Member will reach out to schedule a phone screen with them.
  • If selected to move forward, you will complete a HackerRank Coding Assessment.
  • If you pass, you will either move forward to a technical phone call for an additional screening, OR directly to an onsite interview.
  • Offer stage. 
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Backend Engineer w/ Machine Learning
apache-kafka apache-spark cassandra java machine-learning machine learning Dec 14 2020

Numbrs is reshaping the future of the workplace. We are a fully remote company, at which every employee is free to live and work wherever they want.

Join our dedicated technology team that builds massively scalable systems, designs low latency architecture solutions and leverages machine learning technology to turn financial data into action. Want to push the limit of personal finance management? Join Numbrs.


You will be a part of a small agile team that is responsible for the design and development of our machine learning systems. You'll work on learning-based solutions and develop machine learning applications according to requirements. You enjoy learning new things and are passionate about developing new features, using cutting-edge technology and contributing to overall system design and architecture. You are a great teammate who thrives in a dynamic environment with rapidly changing priorities.

Key Qualifications

  • a Bachelor's or higher degree in technical field of study or equivalent practical experience
  • a minimum of 5 years of professional experience in software development and micro service based architecture
  • previous experience or at least exposure to Machine Learning
  • experience with Big Data technologies such as Kafka, Spark, and Cassandra
  • strong hands-on experience and fluency with Java or Scala
  • experience with software engineering best practices, coding standards, code reviews, testing and operations
  • excellent written and oral communication in English and interpersonal skills

Ideally, candidates will also have

  • experience with CI/CD toolchain products like Jira, Stash, Git, and Jenkins

  • fluent with functional, imperative and object-­oriented languages;

  • experience with C++, or Golang is a plus

Location: Home office from your domicile

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Senior Software Engineer
apache-kafka docker cs scala aws senior Nov 27 2020

Who we are:

Carrera Group provides consulting services to help customers solve big problems in Health IT, high-performance computing, big data, data engineering, machine learning, and AI. We focus on continued individual learning, collective capability, and a collaborative, fun environment.

Your role:

In this full-time, fully-remote role, you’ll help our clients design and build micro-services to gradually replace a monolithic application. You’ll be using modern, open-source technologies and have an experienced team behind you.

Who you are:

You’re a seasoned developer with experience designing and implementing testable and scalable code. You are passionate about developing high-quality applications and using best practices. You’re comfortable mentoring team members with your experience and being a student when learning new technology.

What you’ll definitely need:

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in Computer Science or related field.

  • 3-5 years experience as a software developer.

  • SQL database or relational database skills.

  • Experience with micro-services and containerization.

  • Self-motivation with a desire to solve complex problems.

  • A good attitude when communicating with our stakeholders

What we’d love you to have:

  • Open-source technologies (such as Kafka, Cassandra, Spark, NiFi, SOLR, ElasticSearch, Ignite, etc.)

  • Azure or AWS

  • Compilers, interpreters, and other cool stuff

Technology we use:

Scala, Java, Rust, C#, Linux, Docker/Kubernetes, Kafka, Debezium, Envoy, AWS, Azure

What you’ll do:

  • Help our clients solve hard problems using modern, open-source technologies

  • Use your experience to develop quality software and web applications

  • Learn open-source technology stacks and implement solutions

  • Analyze and maintain existing software applications

  • Design highly scalable and testable code

  • Discover and fix programming bugs

What you can expect from us:

  • Flexibility: Our small, remote-only company is made up of people that understand tackling tough problems takes different approaches.

  • Growth: We’re here to help you develop new skills to meet the challenges we’ll face together. You can count on plenty of exciting opportunities and the mentor-ship of a world-class team.

  • Autonomy: Our small size and fast growth will give you the chance to put your skills to work and take the lead on projects.

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REMOTE Germany-wide
python kubernetes apache-kafka continuous-integration continuous-deployment data science Nov 12 2020

Your tasks – this is what awaits you in detail

  • As a Data Engineer (f/m/d) at, you act as an important interface between our DevOps, Data Science and software development divisions
  • You develop scalable applications and systems for processing structured and unstructured data
  • You deal comprehensively with many different data-related topics and have the right ideas for every situation: Whether it's data exchange between microservices, processing huge amounts of data for recommender models, or lightning-fast, interactive business intelligence applications, we have the right solution

Your profile – this is what we expect from you

  • You have a university degree in (business) informatics or a comparable field of study
  • You have a very high capacity for abstraction, a sound algorithmic understanding and affinity for working with data
  • You have experience with:
    • Relational and noSQL databases and data warehouses
    • Stream Processing Platforms such as Apache Kafka
    • Containers, preferably with Docker and Kubernetes
    • Software development, preferably with Python
  • Ideally, you have experience in some of the following technologies and, as an autodidact, you are prepared to quickly familiarise yourself with the other technological forms:
    • Management and automation of infrastructure (Linux, Networking, Cloud Services, Terraform, Ansible)
    • ETL or distributed task scheduling frameworks (Airflow, Dagster, Nifi)
    • CI/CD (Drone, Gitlab CI)
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Senior PHP Software Engineer
php amphp cassandra kubernetes apache-kafka senior Nov 10 2020


We're looking for a new teammate in our lean company (33 people from 16 different countries, 45% engineers), and give you the opportunity to be part of a fascinating journey. We’ve seen incredible growth over the last 9 years (the apps in our portfolio have been downloaded 100M times) – driven by a talented and versatile yet small team. It worked well so far, but now we want more.


You are a Senior Backend Engineer PHP (f/m/d) with strong experience, and you will be an essential part of our bootstrapped and 100% remote company with a flat organizational structure. The position is full-time. This is an excellent career opportunity to join a fast-growing company in a key position.


  • a great work-life balance - work whenever you want from wherever you are. Results - not hours. We care about what you achieve.
  • no bullshit - we are a fact- and engineering-driven company (including the founders)
  • to work on something important. A lot of businesses say they change lives, but we actually do it. We've helped millions of people find love and happiness.
  • 30 days paid vacation
  • a competitive salary


  • work on the backend for our award-winning apps that are used by millions of users on a monthly basis
  • be part of our cross-functional product scrum team that is responsible for the backend of the mobile app, and service architecture
  • work on the mobile apps API, data processing, and interfacing with different components of the Joyride platform and external services
  • take ownership of features, tools, and services
  • work agile with a motivated and innovative lean team of experts (including us, the two founders)


An ideal candidate is autonomous, proactive, and has experience working in a variety of different platforms and technologies. We admire engineers who take the initiative, make their own decisions, and implement them precisely. We're a bootstrapped company that doesn't have millions in VC funding to drive growth at all costs. We're building a sustainable, long-term company that our users love, and we love working for.


  • have SOLID programming skills in PHP7. Many core services are written in PHP, newer services also in Kotlin (with Spring Boot). Bonus: You have experience with reactor-pattern implementations, ideally amphp.
  • are not intimidated by distributed services like Cassandra or Kafka
  • already packaged and deployed applications with Docker and Kubernetes
  • are not stuck with a certain language or framework, and you have experience in other programming languages like JavaScript, Java, Kotlin, Python, etc.
  • love getting things done - You never give up, when it’s getting difficult. It’s a challenge to master every situation.
  • are self-motivated, and comfortable working remotely with the minimal direction
  • preferably have experience working on a mobile app with a large userbase
  • you speak and write business-fluent English

If this profile matches your expertise, experience, and aspirations, we’d be delighted to receive your full application, including references and your portfolio.

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Senior Scala Developer
scala postgresql elasticsearch apache-kafka senior saas Oct 10 2020

We are looking for someone that is adept at writing and delivering quality software.  You will be working closely with the full team of eight full time engineers and the VP of Software Development.  Our back-end stack is functional - Scala & Haskell (we have begun the process of migrating our Haskell back-end to Scala), they are used to create services that run in AWS.  Typically our APIs are built with Finagle and Circe, and we haven't really landed on a preferred data access library, we've used Anorm, Scalike and Quill.  We try not to be dogmatic about our tooling and we juggle that with the benefits of consistency. The customer UI is a single page web-app written in TypeScript/Angular. On the infrastructure side we currently use PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Kafka, and DataDog.

We are looking for someone that can help us architect and implement the data flow in our microservice SaaS platform. In this role you will be establishing the data engineering practice, and will be expected to define and promote best practices for big data development at Signal Vine.  Further, you should have experience with a wide array of durable storage technologies and approaches - we are looking for someone that can understand our business goals and work with the team to design the appropriate way to collect & disseminate data across our platform to achieve them.


  • Are a confident and capable Scala programmer
  • Can do self directed work and work as part of a team
  • Are intellectually honest 
  • Can express technical concepts to a non-technical audience 
  • Are trustworthy and conscientious 
  • Have excellent troubleshooting and problem solving skills
  • Have an analytical mindset - you form hypotheses and run tests to get answers
  • Understand the trade-off between purity of code and the practicality of business, that is, you are willing to make reasonable compromises to satisfy business objectives.
  • Are not a brilliant jerk

It’d be cool if you...

  • Have experience designing performant ElasticSearch indices
  • Have experience with Kafka, stream processing, and/or Haskell
  • Have experience building DataDog dashboards for application monitoring 
  • Have worked as a team lead before (officially or not)
  • Enjoy mentoring
  • Have worked on a scrum team
  • Know Unix well 
  • Have public examples of projects you’ve completed 
  • Have published technically relevant articles, blog posts or books 

We will...

  • Pay a competitive salary including equity and health insurance 
  • Provide a laptop  of your choice - we have a mix of Lenovo’s & Macbooks in our dev team
  • Respect your work schedule and habits by focusing on results 
  • Offer you a chance to go on an exciting ride as the company grows 

Attributes of Top Signal Vine Performers

  • Respectful and value the contributions of others
  • Humble enough to know it’s not all about you
  • Anticipates what’s next and prepares
  • Insightful to gain a complete understanding
  • Intuitive to not always need instructions
  • Detail-Oriented knowing the smallest details can be the most important
  • Compassionate to not only care for, but try to understand others

Your first few months

To make the onboarding process smooth, and give you a flavor of what you can expect, we have a set of goals & milestones to help get you up to speed @Signal Vine.

By (calendar) day 30

  • You will know our application architecture
  • You will know our build and deploy process
  • You will know our development workflow
  • You will have completed tickets in a sprint
  • You will learn and use our proprietary scripting language to onboard customers with our customer success team

By day 60

  • Your sprint velocity will increase
  • You will be contributing to discussions about how to build and architect features during our backlog review & pointing sessions

By day 90

  • You will be helping jr. developers solve issues
  • You will know all of the initiatives the product team and contractors are working on, and how they align w/the company vision
  • You will be discussing and planning technical strategy w/the VP of Software Engineering
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Senior Software Engineer
python django javascript algorithm apache-kafka senior Oct 09 2020

What you will be doing

As a Senior Software Engineer, you will be responsible for building solutions that revolutionize how the best procurement teams in the world are sourcing. On a typical day you will:

  • Work in a cross functional development team analysing product feature requests and designing solutions.
  • Develop top quality software with scalability, maintenance, security and reliability in mind.
  • Write unit tests and otherwise ensure the quality of your code.
  • Review colleague’s code and designs.
  • Investigate and problem solve issues.
  • Support your team’s code through the QA process and on production systems.
  • Assist other team members and help mentor new team members.
  • Collaborate with colleagues across the organisation to ensure vision is delivered.
  • Contribute to the ongoing success of this fast-paced, rapidly growing and evolving organization
  • Understand and deliver on our customer’s needs and goals
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Data Team Lead
python flask postgresql apache-kafka kubernetes swift Sep 28 2020

We are currently seeking a Data Team Lead OR Senior Data Engineer to join Swift! If you’re looking to grow your career and your impact with a leading healthcare tech company, then we have the role for you at Swift Medical.

As the world leader in digital wound care management, we deliver advanced wound care visualization and touchless 3D measurement through our smartphone-ready Swift Skin and Wound software. We’ve been adopted by more than 2,100 facilities across North America and are now leading the Telewound Care Canada Project for The Digital Technology Supercluster Covid-19 Response Program. 

You will be reporting to our VP of Engineering.


  • At Swift, you will be responsible for managing a small team of data engineers through an agile process to maintain and develop Swift’s data platform
  • Administer, maintain and develop the enterprise Data Warehouse 
  • Guide the maintenance and development of our RESTful Data API that brings our machine learning models to production
  • Develop and execute the Data Team road map


  • 4+ years of experience working with SQL databases, preferably Data Warehouses like Snowflake or Redshift
  • In depth knowledge of at least one programming language, preferably Python, Java or Scala
  • 2+ years experience with Web frameworks, preferably Flask or Django 
  • 2+ years of experience with cloud computing, preferably AWS
  • 1+ years of experience with K8s
  • 2+ years of experience with a scheduling framework like Airflow or Luigi
  • Experience writing well-tested code
  • Can work in a dynamic environment - not phased by multi-tasking, managing shifting priorities, or following through on projects with minimal supervision. 
  • Experience with Kafka is an asset

Technologies we use:

  • Python, Flask
  • Snowflake, Postgresql
  • Kafka 
  • Kubernetes
  • Gitlab CI/CD
  • Docker

Working @ Swift Medical:

One of the very best things about Swift Medical is our people and the inclusive close-knit work culture we’ve created. Based on direct anonymous feedback from our team Swift has been certified as a Great Place to Work®! We offer great benefits and perks such as drug+dental insurance, health spending accounts, flexible vacations, employee stock options, and many more.

Swift is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to creating a diverse workplace. Swift provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment regardless of race, colour, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status. Reasonable accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process. 

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Software Engineering Manager at Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.
api azure scala apache-kafka rust manager Sep 19 2020


Banno is redefining the relationship between forward-thinking financial institutions and their customers. Banno leverages modern technology and an industry leading product vision to make user-friendly mobile and web apps. We have a first-class API; the same API our web and mobile apps use is the same API that is open to the community to build on top of and extend.

About You

You are curious and thrive in an environment where you are constantly learning and growing. You want to be somewhere that you are trusted and set up for success. You want to work in a collaborative environment of diverse perspectives with peers who inspire you to be better everyday.

As a manager, you care as much about the overall production of the team as you do their shared culture and well-being. You strive to set the team up for success by helping them overcome potential obstacles and communicate their needs to the appropriate channels. You’ll work with the team to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and enable processes to support their unique working style without compromising their efficiency (a little rudder far from the rocks).

Banno values trust and those with a bias towards action, and as a manager you’ll work to instill these beliefs within your team. We have a remote-first culture that challenges you each day and supports your growth. We are confident you will love it here.

What you and your team are working on

The Engineering Manager is responsible for balancing the team’s work between cross-functional strategic projects. You will support and develop the engineers on your team by providing advice, coaching, and educational opportunities, as well as propose and drive processes to facilitate and promote communication, transparency, and trust. Together with the team, you will support delivery by providing estimations, context, and clarity to ensure the team delivers the agreed work with quality and excellence.

Your team is responsible for providing services that support our mobile and online banking applications. Our APIs are first-class in nature and are consumed by both our internal teams as well as teams outside of Banno. The engineers on your team are constantly keeping our apps up-to-date with the newest development and deployment practices to offer exciting user experiences for highly secured data.

About the Banno team

We are committed to creativity, thoughtfulness, culture, and openness—the perfect place to make phenomenal products that have a big impact. Our work environment echoes a modern tech startup but we have the security and benefits of a large, publicly traded company. We place high value on continuing education and contribution to, and use of, open source projects.

Our team is distributed and that means you can live and work wherever you want within the US. You’ll get the chance to choose your own tools, work with modern web technologies across the stack, and contribute to products that are used by millions of people.

Minimum Qualifications

  • 8 years of programming experience, with the majority being in a server-side language.
  • 2 years supporting services in a production environment.
  • 2 years experience leading and managing software engineers.
  • Experience working on or with a geographically-distributed team.

Bonus Points

  • Bachelor's degree
  • Experience working on a team with a CI/CD process
  • Familiarity using collaboration tools like Jira to communicate and plan team’s work
  • Experience working with multiple teams and stakeholders to establish roadmap prioritization
  • Successfully lead definition, development, and delivery of a large cross-team project with broad scope and high-value business implications
  • Ability to identify and utilize each individual team members strengths, benefiting the greater organization
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to work independently
  • Familiarity with functional programming concepts
  • Familiarity with stream processing concepts
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Senior Software Engineer, Backend
aws kubernetes spring-boot apache-kafka java backend Sep 17 2020

Numbrs Personal Finance AG is a technology company. Our product is Numbrs, a multibanking application available for iOS and Android. Numbrs is one of the most widely used banking apps in Germany and was recently launched in the UK.

Numbrs is reshaping the future of the workplace. We are a fully remote company, at which every employee is free to live and work wherever they want.

Numbrs was founded with the vision to revolutionise banking. Therefore from day one Numbrs has always been a technology company, which is driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit and the urge to innovate. We live and embrace technology.

At Numbrs, our Engineers don’t just develop things – we have an impact. We change the way how people are managing their finances by building the best products and services for our users.

Numbrs engineers are innovators, problem-solvers, and hard-workers who are building solutions in big data, mobile technology and much more. We look for professional, highly skilled engineers who evolve, adapt to change and thrive in a fast-paced, value-driven environment.

Join our dedicated technology team that builds massively scalable systems, designs low latency architecture solutions and leverages machine learning technology to turn financial data into action. Want to push the limit of personal finance management? Join Numbrs.

Job Description

You will be a part of a team that is responsible for developing, releasing, monitoring and troubleshooting large scale micro-service based distributed systems with high transaction volume. You enjoy learning new things and are passionate about developing new features, maintaining existing code, fixing bugs, and contributing to overall system design. You are a great teammate who thrives in a dynamic environment with rapidly changing priorities.

Key Qualifications

  • a Bachelor's or higher degree in the technical field of study or equivalent practical experience
  • experience with high volume production-grade distributed systems
  • experience with micro-service based architecture
  • experience with software engineering best practices, coding standards, code reviews, testing and operations
  • hands-on experience with Spring Boot
  • professional experience in writing readable, testable and self-sustaining code
  • strong hands-on experience with Java (minimum 8 years)
  • knowledge of AWS, Kubernetes, and Docker
  • excellent troubleshooting and creative problem-solving abilities
  • excellent written and oral communication in English and interpersonal skills

Ideally, candidates will also have

  • experience with Big Data technologies such as Kafka, Spark, and Cassandra
  • experience with CI/CD toolchain products like Jira, Stash, Git, and Jenkins
  • fluent with functional, imperative and object-­oriented languages;
  • experience with Scala, C++, or Golang
  • knowledge of Machine Learning

Location: residence in UK mandatory; home office

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Remote Senior Java Developer
java sql microservices apache-kafka hadoop senior Sep 08 2020

Boyle Software is looking for a full-time Software Engineer with Java experience. Ideally you've worked in a microservices based environment where you have gotten some understanding of working with big data tools. 

This is a remote role, but we are looking for someone within the same time zone as our team in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

There are many ways to define what qualifies an Engineer as "Senior". We don't have a year requirement in mind, we believe there is more to it than that. We do need an experienced dev who will be able to work independently on a modern application without much guidance. If that's you apply below, let's chat!


  • 8+ years experience in Java
  • Experience in working in Agile and CI/CD projects
  • Comfortable with Linux command line tools.
  • Experience with relational databases such as SQL Server, Oracle
  • Understanding of Big Data, Hadoop is an added advantage
  • Hands on experience with streaming technologies such as Kafka, Spark Streaming.
  • Familiarity with modern tooling such as Git, Docker and Terraform.
  • Strong SQL skills: Analytic functions, explain plans, optimization for loading and performance
  • Experience in design and implementation of multithreaded/concurrent/distributed systems.
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Experienced Backend Engineer - Java
java spring-boot apache-kafka kubernetes postgresql backend Sep 06 2020


Founded in 2007, Theorem LLC (formerly Citrusbyte) is a remote-first, fully distributed, technology consulting company. Our customers, F1000's and startups alike, come to us because they need to change how something is done in order to succeed and they're looking for a solution that isn’t just about technology — but also people, process and leadership. We consult, form a diverse team of experts, and deliver strategy and execution all under one roof. Our services range from new product development, pure R&D, legacy modernization, pricing strategy development, revenue generation, process optimization, to organizational transformation and cultural design. Learn more about Theorem LLC at:


As Experienced Backend Engineer you will build greenfield and brownfield, scalable web platforms. In addition to providing input on app architecture, you will create and review pull requests daily and engage with internal teams and directly with clients with an agile environment. You will work in small teams with a product manager, designers and other engineers to scope design and implement features.


You are a passionate technologist with the discipline to create and finish projects. You have opinions about your favorite open source projects, or perhaps you have contributed to some or started one of your own.  You are a communicator. Whether you are raising the flag within an implementation or sharing your favorite playlist in Slack, you will not shy away from letting your voice be heard.  

We are only considering applicants within the United States or Canada in order to satisfy security and background check requirements.


  • Design and build scalable enterprise web applications using Modern Java, Spring boot environment
  • Engage daily with your distributed, remote engineering team working on different layers of the infrastructure
  • Collaborate with product designers and clients to clarify requirements, prototype functionality and build products
  • Plan, estimate and prioritize work in a remote, distributed team environment
  • Guide our clients in best practices in order to achieve great project success


  • 5 + years of professional experience
  • Strong server side development experience utilizing Java and Spring Boot
  • Good knowledge of design and architectural patterns and development best practices
  • Previous experience building scalable creating microservices is required
  • Strong RDBMS experience (PostgreSQL specific features is a plus) is required
  • Messaging experience with technologies like Kafka, Kineses, RabbitMQ, or similar is a must. Kafka is preferred.
  • Experience deploying to containerized environments such a Docker and Kubernetes is also a strong plus
  • Demonstrated proficiency with server side development using 2 or more programming languages such as Typescript, Scala, Python, Go or Rust, in addition to what is required for this role is highly preferred
  • Strong hands on experience using Git is required
  • Previous professional experience with cloud providers is required. 
  • Previous remote work experience is required
  • Previous experience collaborating on highly distributed teams
  • Previous consulting experience is a strong plus
  • Experience working within an Agile/Scrum environment.
  • Possess a strong and reliable internet connection.


  • You are able to hit the ground running within your area of expertise and are not afraid of challenges outside of it
  • Thrive on collaborating with other team members and across disciplines
  • You are happy to receive feedback and see it as an opportunity for reflection and improvement 
  • You are always learning - Whether you are learning to help your team and customer work through new concepts and technology 
  • You are astute, you know when to push an issue and when to let things lie
  • You are friendly - you reach out to your teammates even if they aren’t on your project team
  • You can work through ambiguity - you aren’t shy about asking questions to gain clarity
  • Entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial - always on the lookout for new opportunities to improve the company externally and internally
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Senior Backend Engineer for Crypto Trading Platform
java aws apache-kafka spring docker backend Sep 06 2020

We launched CoveTrader in late 2018, a platform for active traders of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The crypto market is highly fragmented with dozens of exchanges, but CoveTrader ties them together in one powerful and transparent trading and analytics platform.

We are currently a team of 5, of which 2 are senior backend engineers, with decades of experience building highly performant trading systems across financial markets. We are looking for an engineer to join our team as we scale our product, add new features and analytics, and eventually expand to support other financial products. We are a start-up and closed a successful capital raise in 2018.

You will help build the distributed architecture that will power the trading experience. You will have the opportunity to make an immediate impact as part of a lean, talented, and highly motivated team, with direct access to the CTO and the rest of our highly-experienced team. We offer an excellent salary plus stock options, along with outstanding benefits, including BCBS medical and dental insurance.

As of summer 2020, the team is currently working entirely remotely.

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Sr. Software Engineer
aws python go postgresql apache-kafka sysadmin Aug 04 2020

About the Role:

We're building the next-generation infrastructure and security platform for CrowdStrike. The Managed Services Development (MSD) team builds the platform and tools for our analysts on the OverWatch team to process and hunt (identify potentially harmful activity) through hundreds of billions of events per day, and growing. MSD build and maintain the platform and tools for Falcon Complete analysts to run customer's security operations in our production cloud environment.

We are looking for an engineer who wants to help move the MSD platform forward as we scale even further. Someone with a broad range of computer skills throughout the software stack and clear communication skills would thrive in this environment. You should love working on large- scale, distributed, cloud-based, highly available systems that can efficiently operate over hundreds of billions events a day.

You will...

  • Be comfortable with projects to build new components and extend the current system. You would need to gather requirements, plan, code, test, and deploy to completion.
  • Help the OverWatch team become more effective in their analysis and hunting by improving the platform and tools.
  • Help the Falcon Complete team become more effective and efficient in their mission to support customer's security operations large and small.
  • Work closely with cloud architects to evolve our systems for future growth and platform development.
  • Bring research projects into production environments and integrate them with the MSD systems.
  • Work in a devops environment where you (and your team) are responsible for the systems you deploy.
  • Be an energetic ‘self-starter’ with the ability to take ownership and be accountable for deliverables.
  • Have a desire for quality and understand what tools and processes you need to reach that level and help the team reach a higher bar.
  • Be an adaptable and flexible engineer who is constantly learning and enjoys tackling complex and novel challenges.
  • Work as part of a distributed team of remote workers across timezones.
  • Use and give back to the open source community.

You'll use...

  • Go (Golang)
  • Python
  • AWS
  • Postgres
  • ElasticSearch
  • Kafka
  • Kubernetes/Spinnaker 

You have...

  • Degree in Computer Science (or commensurate experience).
  • ·Experience with Golang or another language for developing web backends and pipelines (such as Python/Ruby/etc).
  • Built web-services with data processing pipelines and the concepts required.
  • Experience with relational and noSQL databases (RedisPostgresCassandraElasticSearch a plus).
  • Understanding of messaging or queueing software, Kafka experience highly desirable.
  • Linux skills and experience with large-scale, business-critical Linux environments.
  • Understanding of distributed systems and scalability challenges, particularly in Cloud environments such as AWS.
  • The ability to thrive in a fast paced, test-driven, collaborative and iterative programming environment.
  • A thorough understanding of engineering best practices from appropriate testing paradigms to effective peer code reviews and resilient architecture.

Bonus points awarded for...

  • Authored and lead successful open source libraries and projects.
  • Contributions to the open source community (GitHub, Stack Overflow, blogging).
  • Existing exposure to Go, AWS, Cassandra, Kafka, Elasticsearch...
  • Prior experience in the cybersecurity or intelligence fields.
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Paid Research Study for Azure Cloud Users
azure azure-monitoring apache-kafka cloud Jul 27 2020

User Research International is a research company based out of Redmond, Washington. Working with some of the biggest companies in the industry, we aim to improve your experience via paid research studies. Whether it be the latest video game or productivity tools, we value your feedback and experience. We are currently conducting a research study called The Event Streaming Platform Study. We are looking for currently employed Developers\IT Pros who are currently using Azure for work. This study is a one-time Remote Study via an online meeting. We’re offering $100 for participation in this study. Session lengths are 1 hour. These studies provide a platform for our researchers to receive feedback for an existing or upcoming products or software. We have included the survey link for the study below. Taking the survey will help determine if you fit the profile requirements. Completing this survey does not guarantee you will be selected to participate.  If it's a match, we'll reach out with a formal confirmation and any additional details you may need.

I have summarized the study details below. In order to be considered, you must take the survey below. Thank you!

Study: The Event Streaming Platform Study

Gratuity: $100

Session Length: 60 mins

Location: Remote

Dates: Available dates are located within the survey (additional session times may be added)

Survey: The Event Streaming Platform Qualification Survey

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Senior Software Engineer
go open-source apache-kafka messaging api-design cloud Jun 12 2020

Ockam is building interfaces to cloud services like Kafka, InfluxDB, Okta. We are also creating new cloud services like the Ockam Registry. This is an exciting and challenging role on the Ockam Team. You will be responsible for building core components and generalized interfaces in the Ockam code base. You will also get to work with some of the most popular open source communities in the edge and IoT ecosystems.  Moreover you will be building infrastructure templates and standing up resources in public cloud environments.  The primary language we utilize in this layer of the stack is Golang, however, you will have the opportunity to utilize or learn Erlang, Elixir, C, and Rust at Ockam. Cryptography protocols are utilized throughout the Ockam stack, so whether this is an area of experience or experimentation in your past, you will be challenged. Ockam is a small and extremely senior team. This role involves architecture, interface design, writing code, responsibility for testing, and publishing documentation. Everyone on the Ockam team takes responsibility for their parts from end-to-end, including the creation of long term objectives, issues in GitHub, task management in our Trello boards, and summaries of key results.


    • Git and GitHub's workflow
    • Modern CI/CD pipelines and DevOps
    • API design
    • Open source cloud services integrations
    • Building complex code bases in the Go language
    • Individual and collaborative project management leadership


    • 10+ years of experience
    • Building with Docker and Kubernetes
    • Provisioning and operating cloud services in AWS, Azure or Google Cloud
    • Consuming and contributing to open source codebases
    • The basics of cryptography and PKI
    • Messaging systems like RabbitMQ 
    • Comfort switching between multiple programming languages


    • This is a Level 5 role at Ockam.
    • Individuals that consider themselves to be Level 4 or 6 are also encouraged to apply.
    • For more information about Role Levels at Ockam, [click here for our guide].
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Senior Full-Stack Engineer
postgresql ruby-on-rails graphql apache-kafka react-js senior May 15 2020

About the Role

The transportation industry has no shortage of complex problems requiring creative solutions to scale efficiently. In this role, you will collaborate with a small team to understand user and market needs, participate in architectural design, and build distributed systems to facilitate our web-based platform.

We have openings for this position in Chicago, IL, Champaign, IL, Omaha, NE, and Remote. Please use the "Apply" link to view all location postings on Mastery's career page and apply to the appropriate location for you! 


    • Collaborate with the Product Manager and other developers to design and build a real-time, web-based system for freight management, including React UI, Rails API and other microservices.
    • Ensure interfaces function quickly and beautifully across devices
    • Build API’s for web and mobile clients
    • Write clean, maintainable, and well-tested code
    • Engage in the full development life-cycle including architectural design and testing
    • Be a force-multiplier on the velocity and quality of your team
    • Stay current on software engineering trends & tools, and be practical but open-minded in applying them
    • Maintain a high bar for quality and performance of your product with vigorous attention to detail and automated testing
    • Continuously improve how we design, build, and ship software as a highly functional team


    • Minimum of 5 years practical experience in software development, including designing, building, deploying, and maintaining web applications
    • Experience with React or similar frameworks
    • Experience with Rails or similar frameworks
    • Experience working with RESTful APIs and SaaS application development
    • Experience with GraphQL a plus
    • Ability to understand complicated problems and craft into simple solutions that can be maintained by the rest of the team
    • Ability to train and mentor junior engineers
    • Experience with SQL and RDBMS
    • Experience NoSQL technologies a plus
    • Experience in cloud infrastructure preferred (AWS, Azure, GCP, Heroku etc) a plus
    • Strong communication skills
    • Compassion and empathy
    • Experience in logistics industry a plus

Mastery takes great pride in providing our employees a robust and highly competitive benefit package.  Our benefits include Medical, Dental and Vision insurance covering 90% of premium costs.  Company paid life insurance for 1x salary.  Legal, AD&D, Additional Life and other employee assistance benefits. We have a 401k savings plan with a 4% match.  We provide opportunities for professional growth and development.  We fully support our work from home initiative as we do our part to combat the Covid 19 crisis.  We have a manage your life and schedule Paid Time Off program.  We are fully devoted to finding creative perks and benefits since we cannot currently enjoy our cool office culture.  Our philanthropic partner is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. 

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