Sr Software Engineer

cs senior android
Oct 12 2020

Senior C# Engineer
Experience working with Microsoft technology stack (Windows Server), Java & Android Application.
Knowledge of Oracle Database and could able write queries in PL/SQL into Oracle DB.
Able to suggest and architect approaches to scale the existing application 
Knowledge of Agile/SCRUM and DevOps methodologies 
To identify bottleneck, Fix the problem in case of overload how to scale the application or Database. 

Nice to have

  • Web stack basics knowledge (HTTP/HTTPS, TCP) is a must (example -- does TCP have keep-alive packages?)
  • Debugging skills (like understanding what's going on if something works wrong; example -- What it could be if I have TCP connection up in Process Explorer, but traffic does not go through)
  • Java software development skills
We are looking for a full-time contractor who is willing to join a small but highly productive team for a +6 months project.

Tango (formerly TangoSource) is a boutique digital agency that specializes in speeding up the development process for modern web and mobile products.

We believe in the power of innovative ideas and their social resonance when backed-up with technology. They can change the world or make it more simple. They can help diabetes patients with their medications, or guide a lost driver in the night. We provide the technology to back up these ideas with a partnership mindset. Adding our grain of sand to the world on each project we work for.

By working in Tango, you can expect to be challenged, to work hard and learn fast; you are going to develop your skills and increase your knowledge. And the best part… you are going to help bringing innovative ideas to life.
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