Full Stack Software Engineer

We aren’t looking for a ‘Rock Star’ or a ‘Ninja’. We aren’t looking for a ‘Super Star Developer’ either. We want a team player; someone who is tenacious about getting things done as part of a team in an environment that expects creativity and quality delivery. Be a rebel but be part of our rebel alliance.



  • Expert-level knowledge of Java with 5+ years of experience
  • Experience of developing enterprise-grade, high performing scalable applications
  • Expert knowledge of the Spring Boot framework (including spring data, spring security) and JEE containers
  • Comfortable using AWS and Linux to support application development and deployment
  • Thorough understanding of application security and secure coding practices
  • Proficient in application design and architecture
  • Knowledge of a variety of persistence technologies, to include SQL and NoSQL
  • Experience of designing and using Restful APIs and core HTTP concepts
  • Tenacious technical problem solver
  • Good communicator
  • Experience of working in Agile teams
  • Demonstrable experience of working with version control, build tools, code-quality and testing tools
  • Strong knowledge of JavaScript and the surrounding ecosystem (NodeJS, Webpack, Babel, ES6, TypeScript)
  • Experience with Single Page Apps (e.g. React) including state management (e.g Redux / XState)
  • Strong core knowledge of HTML & CSS
  • Familiarity with web accessibility guidelines and a desire to bake in accessibility by default
  • Frontend unit testing – Jest, React Testing Library, Enzyme


  • Strong working knowledge of application integration points: e.g. SSO, SAML, LDAP, SSL/TLS
  • Demonstrable passion for working with Open standards / Open Source
  • Experience with container technologies such as Docker & Kubernetes
  • Experience building traditional client/server style frontends and know that a SPA is not always necessary or appropriate
  • Experience with one or more CSS methodologies such as BEM, CSSinJS, Tailwind
  • Experience building or working with a design system
  • Experience with frontend snapshot testing and it’s pros and cons


  • Continually critique and improve how the team delivers
  • Architect secure software systems
  • Design and develop reliable and secure software components
  • Debug, solve and communicate technical problems
  • Consider the user at every point in development
  • Always be learning
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