Full-stack Java Developer

String c = "Candidate"

String g = "Globe"

c: Who are you?

g: Globe Testing (https://www.globetesting.com) is a services organization specialised in SecDevOps, with a clear focus on Software Testing. But I'm not here to tell you about Globe, I'm here because I have a vision, and I want you to make it yours, improve it, and be part of it.

Globe Testing was founded 10 years ago, and since then we have worked on many software development projects for a wide array of customers spanning across multiple verticals; do you know what many of them had in common? a painful start. Setting up tools, processes and best practices was always required, and everytime involved a lot of meetings and questions about "why do you use this or that?"

To ease that pain, at Globe we started developing our own framework, using some of the most common tools / framework / libraries in Software Testing such as Gherkin, Selenium, Jira/Xray, UniRest, GraphQL... The result was something extremely useful for many of our customers and our team, something that added value to Globe and our projects.

You might be wondering... why do you need me?

c: Why do you need me?

g: Well... I need you because we have created something useful, that customers are willing to pay for, and our testers enjoy using, but it is very far from being a product. I need you to make the following vision a reality, and create a product called "artiko" (https://artiko.io):

FOR those testers
WHO are trying to accelerate, standardise and provide visibility over their testing activities
artiko IS A framework
THAT supports testers during functional, performance, security and operation activities
UNLIKE other popular frameworks that support only one part of the SDLC
OUR PRODUCT embraces existing tools, libraries and frameworks supporting true SecDevOps.

c: How will achieve all these madness?

g: You will work hand in hand with our CTO and our customers.
You will start by hiring a development team (5 people), and will be free to choose how you want to shape it.
You will be splitting your time amongst two fronts:

  1. Support our existing customers on their day to day requests and roadmap. Some of our current "users" are extremely big (top retailer in Spain and top 3 worldwide, largest food manufacturer worldwide...). They have certain needs that are only applicable to them (for instance, because they have their own development frameworks). You will lead the team to create feature for our customers, and reuse whatever code you can to improve the general artiko framework (see number 2)

  2. Create the new version of artiko. We want to realize the product vision mentioned before, and make it available to others as an open source project. This in turn will create other means of revenue for Globe.

You will mainly develop in JAVA, as our current customers use JAVA. You will be free to choose pretty much anything else about the architecture, as long as you convince our CTO ;)

Currently the framework is based on TestNG, Selenium, Cucumber, Appium and Unirest. We also use Kafka, Influx and Grafana, but as mentioned before, you will be free to choose better alternatives.

You will shape your days as you wish, it is your team after all. Generally speaking, Globe is an agile company with daily meetings happening on all departments, most of us work remotely (even before the pandemic), although we have offices in Vitoria and Coruña.

c: Supose I join Globe, can I grow with the company?

g: The potential for growth is huge, as you are the first person joining the development division of Globe. You will work hand in hand with the CTO (product vision), COO (to coordinate customer requirements) and CEO (for all financial, sales and marketing activities).

But fear not! we understand you are new to this role, so are we. We will learn together how to shape and take to market an open source framework, while supporting our existing customers and the rest of the testing teams.

c: OK, I love the idea. What do skills I must have?

g: In our opinion, you must have the following skills; feel free to apply even if you don't have them, as long as after reading the previous description you think we are wrong and we need other skills you posses and are able to convince us ;)

  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience with full-stack app development
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Solid communication skills
  • Long term product vision
  • Previous experience in developing and designing API’s
  • Previous experience with microservice-based architecture
  • Previous experience with container technologies (Docker and Kubernetes)
  • DevOps experience
  • Experience with event streaming (Kafka)

If you also have any of the following skills, you'll be a top candidate for sure:

  • Software testing expecience (as an SDET, or working hand in hand with an SDET)
  • SecDevOps experience, specially on the synthetic software monitorization and application security side of things

c: Yeah! I'm excited and I really wnat to apply. Anything else I should know?

g: We are a diverse team of professionals, 90% of the company is made of highly skilled testers working mainly on performance and test automation projects. The leadership and funding team is composed of three IT engineers that had a vision ten years ago and decided to stop complaining about their employers and start their own company. We are young, fun, diverse and open. If you think you have something to add to our company culture, please apply to this position!

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