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Mar 16th, 2022

Technical Account Manager

Full Time

Hello 👋! 

We make Octopus Deploy.

We simplify complex software deployments so our customers can focus on what they do best and ship software on time without unwanted disruptions or surprises.

🐙350,000+ people use Octopus Deploy.
🐙600,000+ virtual machines run our Tentacle agent.
🐙150,000,000+ deployments to date.
🐙90% support emails answered in two hours or less.
🐙Over 25,000 companies use Octopus Deploy, including (curious? check this out)

Octopus Deploy is one of Australia’s fastest-growing software companies (and we’re taking on the world). After bootstrapping for a decade, in 2021, we quietly raised Australia's second-largest ever venture capital raise, accepting a USD 172M minority investment from Insight Partners.

We're looking for a new teammate to join us within the UK (though working remotely). You will help large customers who have already adopted Octopus Deploy. Your goal will be to connect with them, understand what they're trying to do, and help them succeed. 

If you have a passion for seeing customers improve their CI/CD pipelines or adopt a DevOps approach more broadly and are comfortable talking with small groups of people, this role is a chance to make a big difference. 

As a Customer Success Technical Account Manager, you're instrumental in building a relationship with your book of customers. As the primary technical contact, you'll be instrumental in helping the customer be successful in using Octopus Deploy.  You could be holding a Q&A session and demo with a customer to show how Octopus can help other teams, presenting the customer's use case to our Product team, or maybe working with our Solutions team to solve complex problems.

This is a remote role to work from anywhere in the Central/East Coast Timezones of the United States. You must have ongoing unrestricted work rights in the United States to apply for this opportunity.

A Typical Day May Look Like:

  • Working where you work best, perhaps in a home office designed by you, using a device of your choosing, with or without music, in an atmosphere you create for yourself.
  • Working with a teammate to understand the customer's situation and working out, for example, the best way to onboard new project teams deploying Java projects to RHEL or a newly containerized application to the Cloud.
  • Holding a quarterly call with one of your customer's Octopus admin team and answering their technical questions.
  • Writing a script to call the Octopus API to help a customer simplify a repetitive task.
  • Building a sample Octopus Deploy project to demo deploying an application.  For example, deploying to Tomcat on EC2 instances or containerized applications to a Kubernetes cluster using Helm.
  •  Holding a Build Engineer forum with a customer to answer technical questions or presenting a knowledge sharing session showing how Config as Code will help the team.
  • Collaborating across different Octopus Deploy teams to provide solutions to customers.
  • Creating knowledge base articles or updating documentation to educate and help customers.
  • Helping a customer's security team understand the best practices for using Octopus Deploy and what impacts it might have for them.
  • Sharpening your technical skills with some training to help build samples and understand customer configurations.
  • Mentoring another team member to help them understand how Octopus fits into a specific technical scenario.

You'll Be A Great Fit For This Role If You:

  • Have a friendly, positive, polite, and happy demeanor.
  • Are able to work from home and have a decent broadband connection capable of videoconferencing.
  • Have a mix of technical skills and experience in development, release management, or operations.
  • Have experience with Continuous Integration & Delivery.
  • Have some experience in a client-facing role - e.g., perhaps in consulting, support, or as an influencing force within your company.
  • Enjoy and are good at explaining difficult concepts in easy-to-understand ways.
  • Can work outside of business hours when required. We value work-life balance and believe that working overtime makes people less productive. We can't guarantee that everything will fall neatly into business hours, so where required, we encourage you to find a balance by taking time out during the day.
  • Have got some experience under your belt and understand the realities of life in a large enterprise.

You'll Enjoy This Role If You:

  • Have a desire to build long-term relationships and help our customers be successful.
  • Want to help our customers discover new and existing Octopus features and help our Product Team get feedback and input from them for future features.
  • Enjoy technical problem-solving.
  • Want to learn new technologies, tools, and platforms.
  • Enjoy helping people find solutions that meet their goals.

Why Is This A Great Opportunity?

  • We offer great benefits, including generous laptop and home office allowances, plus stock options!
  • We value transparency and fairness in every aspect of our business. For example, Paul (our CEO) shares monthly updates on company performance, and our pay structures are designed to pass the ‘printer test’.
  • Trust and autonomy. Octonauts are treated like adults, and are trusted to find the best way of working for the task at hand, without managers looking over their shoulder.
  • You’ll be joining a high-growth company with numerous opportunities to learn and advance your career.
  • Remote first: work from wherever you feel most productive.
  •  We are a supportive company where everyone’s contribution is valued.
  • We respect and encourage work/life balance.

Equal Opportunity

  • We’ve built an inclusive workplace culture and understand the true importance of culture-add, versus culture-fit.
  • From day 1, you'll have a buddy helping you get your bearings. You can book in coffee chats with anyone in the company. We encourage everyone to have a voice in all aspects of the product and the business. So much so that we have an open chat policy (all channels are public by default) and everyone is welcome!
  • Also when it comes to inclusivity, we mean it, check out our handbook!
  • If you’d like to work at Octopus, reach out and say hello!

How to Apply:

  • You must have ongoing unrestricted work rights in the relevant job ad location (Australia, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom) to apply for this opportunity.
  • Submit a CV - your LinkedIn profile is also acceptable as long as it contains enough information for us to assess your fit for the role.
  • We welcome any other relevant documents or portfolios necessary to showcase your skillset and why you think you’d be a great fit here at Octopus.
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