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Senior/Principal Software Engineer
node-js javascript postgres react heroku aws Dec 29 2020
The basics
  • The stack: Postgres, Node.js/Express.js, React. Currently running on Heroku, eventually AWS
  • The product: we help CFOs at subscription companies do their jobs more effectively
  • The way we work:
    • This is a remote job - work anywhere you want! Any timezone on earth (or outside earth, whatever)
    • We are an asynchronous team - we don't do scheduled meetings, and rely on each team member to pick their own schedule and to communicate clearly in writing and with recorded videos
    • We operate completely autonomously - no one will tell you what to do, we'll just tell you the goals and you will figure out how to work towards them with the rest of the team
  • The role you'll play on our team:
    • You'd be one of the first four engineers on the team, and the first very senior hire
    • You'll work on database design and implementation, complex data management problems, API design and implementation, some front-end React app code, building and iterating on our product, collaborating with designers and founders, and making a product that users will love
  • Like all start-ups we're scrappy, but not scrappy on compensation: Chiffer is committed to paying our awesome team members at market-rate, including benefits.
The company
  • Chiffer is an early stage startup that's well funded by the top investors in America. It started in December 2020, and is currently 5 people. You'd be the sixth person.
  • Chiffer makes software to help CFOs of subscription companies do their job
    • To start, we're helping them better see and understand the key subscription metrics that make-or-break their businesses - things like revenue retention, lifetime value, acquisition cost, and more.
  • We're a global team - based in the USA, Russia, Pakistan, and Romania
  • You're an excellent senior engineer who has (senior: 5+ / principal: 10+) years of experience building web applications, designing databases and APIs, and working with others
  • You're a great communicator via writing, and via recorded videos
  • You're excited about working on a globally-distributed and diverse team, in an incredibly unique culture where autonomy, accountability, and ownership are equally as valued as your skillset.
  • That's it.
  • Unlimited vacation
  • Completely flexible work schedule - work literally anytime (and anywhere) you want!
  • Benefits appropriate to your location (health/dental/vision in the USA)
  • Company wide retreats multiple times per year
The interview process

Our interview process is designed to focus on your skills as a software engineer, and your ability to communicate clearly. We're a fully asynchronous company, so that's how we will communicate in this interview process too 🙂

  1. We'll do a quick review of your background based on what you include in your application email
  2. If it's a fit, we'll ask you to work on a ~90 minute exercise while recording a loom (or other screen recording) video
  3. If the video interview above goes well, we'll want to learn a bit more about how you communicate in writing - we may ask you to put together a technical design document. This is one of the biggest ways we communicate at Chiffer, so we want to see that you can work well with that!
  4. If we like what we see, we'll ask you some questions over email
  5. If everything seems like a fit, we'll ask you to work on one more ~90 minute exercise while recording a video
  6. And finally, hopefully we'll send you an offer. And hopefully you'll accept!
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This Year

Backend / Devops Software Engineer
java backend devops postgres kubernetes cloud Dec 11 2020

Join Edmits mission-driven team if you are passionate about helping high school students make smarter college and career choices. Our product is free to high schools and families thanks to partnerships with financial institutions and other mission-aligned organizations. We won best startup at SXSW EDU and have helped over 1 million families.

We are hiring a backend/devops engineer to deliver new features to customers at a rapid pace and to maintain and grow our cloud infrastructure. You'll contribute to and review user stories, requirements, and design documents and ship great code. We're reimagining the way people evaluate one of the most important financial decisions they'll make in their lifetime and are building an engineering team where every team member has true individual ownership and responsibilities over projects.

Our engineering team has a commitment to:

  • Curiosity and passion for the craft of software engineering
  • Open discussion and feedback both with engineering colleagues and across functions
  • Efficient and effective execution
  • Ownership, accountability, measurement
  • Ownership of devops strategy and infrastructure. Make recommendations and implement improvements based on current usage and future demand
  • Development of backend features with an emphasis on quality, performance and maintainability
  • Management of upgrades to development tools and platforms, such as Kotlin, Postgres and Kubernetes
  • Maintenance of data engineering pipeline
  • Focus on development team process improvements


We are a distributed team headquartered in Boston, with team members across the country. Our culture allows flexibility as to when, where and how you work best.

Benefits include:

  • Competitive salary
  • Health, dental, and vision benefits
  • 401k benefits
  • Unlimited PTO
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Senior Software Engineer, Full Stack
ruby-on-rails ruby postgres javascript html full stack Nov 02 2020

We are looking for a senior full stack engineer who is experienced at building web applications for consumers and enterprise. As part of a team you will help design, build and maintain applications that are used by thousands of dental professionals. You have experience in working closely with third party providers, engineering teams and business stakeholders to build highly scalable end-to-end applications.

About You:

You are highly self motivated and can work independently or partner closely with other engineers on a project. You are excited about building high quality products and want to own the product development lifecycle starting with the right design and development principles. You have strong communication and interpersonal skills. You enjoy solving problems and like to challenge yourself by building scalable and highly performant solutions.


  • Create simple and intuitive web applications for a range of different end users
  • Design, develop, deploy and maintain your application
  • Own front-end and back-end development for your application
  • Design, build and maintain API infrastructure that allows for integration between different services and third party systems
  • Work effectively with product managers, other engineers and business stakeholders on the project
  • Communicate technical ideas and lead projects with a focus on solving real world business challenges


  • Senior-level full stack engineer with 5+ years of experience
  • Strong at developing web applications using an object orientated language like Ruby, Javascript, HTML and CSS
  • Experience working with Javascript frameworks and Single Page Applications
  • A robust knowledge of building and working with RESTful APIs
  • Experience integrating with internal and third party services
  • A knowledge of cloud computing platforms such as Amazon Web Services
  • Great communication and collaboration skills working with other engineers, product managers, and business stakeholders
  • Independent, proactive, and able to deliver production-ready code with minimal guidance


  • Highly competitive salary and benefits package
  • Fully remote working
  • Flexible working hours
  • Opportunity to work in a highly creative and dynamic work environment
  • You are responsible for making decisions that will affect thousands of users. You won't be micromanaged or subject to decision by committee
  • Ability to help us shape and evolve our culture
  • Worldwide career progression opportunities
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Full-Stack Python Engineer
python postgres flask react-native kubernetes frontend May 22 2020
Gorgias helps e-commerce companies deliver excellent customer service at scale.

Our product creates a unified profile of customers by combining emails, live-chat, and social-media messages with e-commerce data such as purchase and delivery info.

Combining all this data in a single application makes customer service more efficient and just better. Another fortunate side-effect is that some requests are completely automated using ML. + =

We've been around since 2015, and we're currently serving over 2700+ e-commerce businesses, including Steve Madden, Rothys, Timbuk2, and Fjällräven.

Is getting your hands dirty, in a real-world application that touches the lives of millions, your thing? Then yeah, Gorgias is for you.

‍ What are some of the things we work on?

The frontend is written in React and React Native with the state managed by Redux. The backend code is mostly written in Python3 and runs using Flask (REST API) and Celery for all background work. The state is stored in PostgreSQL and RabbitMQ with Redis for ephemeral storage, and finally, everything runs on Kubernetes.

Given the above, we usually work on one of these levels by improving the existing code, or we create a new feature which more often than not has a component on both frontend, backend, and maybe a migration in the database.

In short, we do full-stack development. Either way, it always good to have a good understanding of the entire stack to be effective.

Who are we at work?

We have a strong preference for people who worked with high-traffic web applications for the past 3+ years.  We're essentially running a distributed system that has lots of moving parts and having a decent amount of experience with this type of system helps a lot!

Additionally, our apps have over 10k daily active users with sessions longer than 6h+/day and serve tens of millions end consumers per year, so we put great importance on quality, testing, and code-review of all our code. Our apps have big codebases, and we have to feel comfortable about navigating and progressively improving them. Sometimes, however, we gotta get dirty and figure out why the DB is slow or why some k8s pod is not running correctly, figure out how to successfully retry a failing API request, etc... The end goal is to hide a lot of complexity from the user and make their life easier.

If this is the type of environment you're looking for, then you should consider applying.

About You

    • 3+ years of experience developing production-grade backend web applications using Python or JS.
    • 3+ years of experience doing front-end development with JS.
    • You are passionate about learning and want to help us learn too.
    • You care about working on applications that are putting the customer needs first.
    • You are comfortable communicating with other technical teams and management to collect requirements, describe software product features, demo work in progress, and provide project updates.
    • You have the drive and focus to get challenging projects over the finish line, and you are comfortable advocating for what you need to do your best work.
    • You thrive in a fast-paced environment.

Nice to Have

    • Experience in designing API/microservices is a huge plus.
    • Experience with managing RDMS databases with 10Tb+ of data.

Company Benefits & Perks

    • Competitive salary, equity packages, and performance bonus packages
    • 4 weeks of vacation and parental leave
    • Latest MacBook Pro or equivalent
    • Retirement benefits
    • Unlimited snacks
    • Health coverage

Useful Things to Know About Gorgias

Engineering Team Culture

Getting Stuff Done, Ownership, Team Work, Excellence, and Agility.

You should join us if you want to ship stuff fast without scarifying quality. We've put great importance on testing our code, cleaning it, treating errors first, and features later.

We also value growth and ownership. People make mistakes. We learn from them to avoid them in the future. We cannot achieve excellence if there are no bumps in the road.
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