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Senior Software Engineer
rust embedded cryptography c go senior Apr 04

Ockam is building SDKs for embedded systemsedge devices, and cloud. The Ockam code base is polyglot and built in a highly modular architecture. We utilize Rust, C, Elixir, and Golang in our stack.

You will be responsible for building core library components in the Ockam code base. Primarily, you will code in Rust, but will need to contribute to, and interface with, Ockam’s C, Go, and Elixir libraries. This includes building APIs for Ockam’s protocols, consuming external open source libraries, and creating simple abstractions for end users of the Rust SDK. 

Ockam is a small and extremely senior team. This role involves architecture, interface design, writing code, responsibility for testing, and publishing documentation. Everyone on the Ockam team takes responsibility for their parts from end-to-end, including the creation of long term objectives, issues in GitHub, task management in our Trello boards, and summaries of key results.


  • API design
  • Building complex code bases in the Rust language
  • Individual and collaborative project management leadership
  • Git and GitHub's workflow
  • Modern CI/CD pipelines and DevOps
  • Consuming and contributing to open source codebases


  • 10+ years of experience
  • Cryptography libraries and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Multiple programming languages
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This Month

Senior Software Engineer, Growth
node-js javascript postgresql aws rust senior Mar 18

Brave is on a mission to save privacy on the web. We make a web browser which protects privacy by blocking tracking by default, right out of the box. We offer completely private ads (opt-in!) as an alternative to the invasive surveillance online so that you can directly contribute to the sites you visit and appreciate.

Our roughly 100-person team orbits a “main” office of about 30 in San Francisco with smaller clusters or individual contributors spread around the world. Our work style combines an in-person culture in the SF office with remote-inclusive practices emphasizing live conversations by video call and fast and slow chat on Slack. Brave’s technical life is centered around GitHub, where we design, deliver, and document our work.

Brave is a start-up, and we have the ability to change plans quickly in response to new information or circumstances. This means that new needs can emerge on short notice, and projects are often re-mixed and adjusted in response to new input.

About the Role

Brave is looking for an experienced Senior Software Engineer to work on critical backend systems.


  • 5+ years experience with backend application development
  • Strong Node.js, JavaScript, SQL and Postgres skills
  • Experience with software development via distributed development teams
  • Comfortable working in an open source setting
  • Written and verbal communication skills in English
  • Proven record of getting things done

Bonus Points

  • Experience with Go, Rust, RabbitMQ and various AWS technologies
  • Knowledge of data warehousing techniques and technologies
  • Familiarity with the world of cryptocurrency

Brave is a proud equal opportunity employer.

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This Year

Full-stack Software Engineer
node-js typescript vue-js rust grpc java Dec 20 2019

Engineering | Zurich, Switzerland | Full-time / contracting

What you tell your family you do:

“I’m building the world’s largest drone ecosystem by designing web tools to help other software developers build better drones. Our software runs on all kinds of drones used for inspection, search and rescue, safety, delivery and more. No, I will not deliver you a pizza with a drone (yet)!“

What you really do:

As a Full-Stack Software Engineer, you are responsible for building developer-facing web tools for the autonomous robot software development cycle. You will build responsive web tools for data visualization which help developers in the ecosystem build better drones.

In detail you will:

  • Build and maintain a software architecture that interacts with large amounts of data on the client-side in a highly responsive UI
  • Work with a dockerized service-oriented application consisting of a Single Page App (Vue.js/TypeScript), a frontend server (Node.js/TypeScript), backend services (Rust/GRPC), and PostgreSQL hosted in AWS
  • Work with data scientists who are building machine learning flight performance analytics in the app (Python/TensorFlow/Kubernetes)
  • Be responsible for holding the highest bar for the entire software life cycle, from strategic planning to tactical activities, to execution and implementing solutions for customers
  • Follow the principles of Test Driven Development and always have cybersecurity as first priority
  • Write clear, well documented and easy to maintain code
  • Work with Auterion and community developers in an agile software development workflow and participate in dev calls, forums and meetings
  • Identify and implement new trends in ground control stations, dashboards and apps for drones
  • Train and mentor other members in the team
  • Manage your day-to-day development activity with GIT and champion easy-to-read and easy-to-maintain git histories consisting of small, well-commented commits
  • Be an ambassador of the open source community to Auterion customers and other business stakeholders

You bring:

  • Fundamental concepts and algorithms from a Computer Science degree (or relevant) or equivalent years of working experience
  • 4+ years of professional working experience with any statically typed programming language (C, C++, C#, Java, or similar), previous exposure to TypeScript or Rust is advantageous
  • Deep experience of architecting and developing complex, greenfield, full-stack web app solutions ideally in a lean environment
  • Knowledge of state-of-the-art toolkits and libraries to build responsive web UIs such as - Angular, React, or Vue
  • Willingness to learn Rust
  • Familiarity with cybersecurity requirements for client-side execution and data sharing
  • Experience building and debugging complex systems in a team environment
  • Positive attitude, and empathy
  • Self-­awareness and a desire to continually improve

How to really knock our socks off:

  • Experience with Continuous Deployment workflows with multiple deployments to production every day
  • Experience with distributed systems
  • Experience with IoT
  • Exposure to TypeScript or Rust
  • Affinity for machine learning

What you will find at Auterion:

  • As a part of Auterion, you’ll indeed be able to have a high impact on the technology of the future: drones & robotics.
  • A headquarters in the heart of Switzerland in Zurich’s bustling city life, while being close to the natural beauty of the countryside and – of course – the Swiss Alps.
  • Plenty of opportunities to fly all possible drones in the field just 2 minutes from our office :)
  • We have all the perks you would expect from a great startup: an amazing industry (Robotics and Drones...need we say more), incredible office space, a smart multidisciplinary team, a flexible workplace, plenty of food in the kitchen, and a pure mission that binds us all together
  • Competitive salary and generous stock option plan.

We only accept online direct applications. Applications via agencies will not be considered.

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